Virtual Running Club

Fun Fitness Challenges For Everyone
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 Motivation  +  Camaraderie  +  Resources  +  Accountability 

Local Running Clubs Don't Work for Everyone

Local clubs can be fun, but finding the right one can be tricky. 

The Clubhouse is a new kind of running club

This is an inclusive, supportive, global running club without all the downsides. 

  • All skill levels and abilities are welcome; go at your own pace
  • Run when your schedule allows
  • Run where you want, no need to travel long distances out of your way
  • No more uncomfortable conversations about hot-button topics
  • Run silently, with friends, or with your favorite audiobook or music
  • Meet friendly people around the world who want to cheer you on
  • No need for social anxiety; participate however you're comfortable

 Other Club Membership Benefits

Fitness & mileage Challenges

14 short-term and long-term  fitness & mileage challenges   give you a clear path to success and help you develop lifelong healthy habits.

Achievement Badges

Digital badges along the way help you  measure your progress & stay motivated  to reach your fitness goals

The combination of supportive people and a program I can handle have me really excited about this program. I've done a few challenges already and can say that this is actually an enjoyable way to get in shape. I've never felt more motivated!

DANA MOORE  //  Designer

Incredibly Motivating Community

The Clubhouse community is here to celebrate your wins and cheer you on when you're struggling. You've never had a more motivating team.

6,400+ friends are ready to cheer you on!

Expand Your Knowledge

Live Q&A sessions with personal trainers, dietitians, etc. so you're never in the dark about what's best for you

Exclusive Members-only Discounts

Exclusive  20% discount  on all Virtual Running Club & Vacation Races events. Not available anywhere else!

I've been trying to develop a fitness habit for years (my whole life) but nothing has ever stuck. This club finally has me exercising regularly. The challenges keep it interesting and the community keeps me accountable.

MARC JACOBS  //  Business Analyst

Join the Club

$10 /year 100% FREE for a limited time

“Show me your calendar and your bank statement, and I’ll show you what you really value.”

–Peter Drucker

Frequently asked questions

What level of athlete is this for?

The program is for all skill levels and abilities. Everyone is welcome.

We have found that It's beneficial to associate with people at every level. Those who are "ahead" of you help you see what's possible and learn from their experience. People who are "at your level" help you feel at home. And finally, having a few people "behind you" means you can help to motivate them on their fitness journey.

What is actually included? Is this an app? a Facebook group?

At this point in time, the club is available through our website. In the future we may add access via mobile app if there's sufficient demand.

Is this all virtual or in-person?

Challenges are completed in real life whenever and wherever you are able to participate. 

Interacting with other club members takes place within our online community. 

Can I walk instead of run?

Yes, absolutely! Our goal is to meet you where you're at. There is a whole walking club within the overall club.

Other questions? Ask below.

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