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  • Susan Hansen

    October 7, 2022 at 1:42 pm

    As a registered nurse on my feet a lot, I started wearing knee-high compression stockings 10+ years ago to promote circulation, reduce risk of blood clots and leave my legs feeling less tired after work. When I changed to a more sedentary job, it was even more important to wear them! I started with 8-15 mmHg (available over the counter), but will bump up to 15-20 mmHg if I am flying or on a long drive. I also wore them this year during a 5K mud run. Really glad I did! My legs didn’t feel tired, nor did I have any blistering problems as the stockings were quite snug. Plus the fabric didn’t absorb excess water. I would not exceed 20mmHg without a medical professional’s recommendation for a specific treatment purpose. Have a great day! 😃