Free “Eyes on the Pies” Challenge for Clubhouse Members

We’re hosting a special FREE challenge this month exclusively for Clubhouse members. It’s called “Eyes on the Pies” and it’s all about getting in your exercise minutes.

What you need to do:

  1. Accept the challenge by signing-up
  2. Start racking up exercise minutes with a goal of 3 hrs. and 14 min. of exercise a week
  3. Report your minutes in the VRC app under the “Eyes on the Pies” challenge. (Please wait to report until you can report exercise time only.)
  4. Discuss your experiences in the “Eyes on the Pies” Clubhouse group

Every time you rack up another 3:14 you’ll unlock a new pie badge in the VRC app:

  • 3:14 = Cherry Pie
  • 6:28 = Apple Pie
  • 9:42 = Pecan Pie
  • 12:56 = Pumpkin Pie

Note: We need to make a couple of tweaks to the VRC app so DON’T start reporting there yet. (Right now you need to enter distance when you add activity.) BUT you should totally start racking up those exercise minutes today!

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