“Everyone Wins” Holiday Giveaway

We’re excited to announce the “Everyone Wins” holiday giveaway, open now and running through Dec. 9th. Earn up to 50% off any item in the Virtual Running Club shop AND one randomly selected participant will get a FREE EVENT ENTRY!

Here’s how it works

  1. Invite your walking/running/hiking/swimming/paddling friends to the Clubhouse thru Dec. 11th
  2. For every friend that activates an account, you’ll earn a Gem
  3. Every Gem you collect will earn you 1% off any item in the Virtual Running Club shop up to 50% off!

That’s it! On Dec. 10th we’ll select a winner of the free event entry and then tally up your gems and send you your coupon code! The more friends you bring along, the better deals you get!

Questions or concerns? Drop them in the comments below. Best of luck!

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